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Update on Green Street Pitches

As you may be aware, CCYFC have been working to secure extra local space for football pitches for more than 15 years. We recently announced that the club had entered into an outline agreement to secure additional pitch space to the west of Green Street. A planning application has now been submitted by the developers to convert the existing landfill site into playing pitches. This can be reviewed and commented on the Chiltern and South Bucks website here. The planning application also includes other elements, such as a driving range and walking/running trail.

The club would like to take this this opportunity to explain why we think this is such an excellent opportunity for the club and the community as well as to correct a few inaccuracies that have been identified in some communications from other parties.

1)Having our main site much closer to the village means that many more of our players will be able to walk to their matches, in fact we will incentivise them to do so. We are also hopeful that the proximity to the village will have a knock on benefit to the local traders, walking past the shops after their training or matches.

2)CCYFC currently provides football for 650 children, girls and boys, and is completely run by volunteers. It has a very a positive reputation within the local area and the football community for looking after its members and helping them to develop. So much so that we have a waiting list of 150 players which we cannot accommodate in the current facilities that are available to us.

3)Given this constraint there is currently no provision for competitive adult (male or female) or veterans/walking football in the village. This site would provide the opportunity to provide football to a broader audience.

4)CCYFCs plans for the site are not limited to football, over time we would like the site to become a centre for activity in Chorleywood, regardless of age or ability. As a tangible example of this, the plans to include a running/walking path was at the instance of CCYFC.

5)Information distributed to households recently states that the planning application is for 7 floodlit pitches. Actually, only one pitch will be floodlit. The total number of pitches will depend on the final configuration (e.g. number of 5 aside, 7 aside etc.), but only one 11 aside pitch will be floodlit.

6)To be clear, this application and the agreement to provide pitches is totally independent of the various discussions and plans concerning houses on the EAST of Gren Street.

Naturally we would welcome as many positive comments on the planning application as possible but recognise that this is a personal decision and if you feel strongly either way about the site you should comment on the application linked to above.

CCYFC strongly supports the application and believe it will have a hugely positive impact for members of the club and Chorleywood as a whole.

Author: Guy Allen e-mail 21/04/2020
Edited: Roy Bennett e-mail 03/07/2020
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